My husband and I have never had to seek legal advice except for when we were buying our house over 12 years ago. That was a very quick and easy issue to deal with. Recently I had a much more complex work-related issue where I needed to seek legal advice. The advice I needed was based on “a paper trail” being started after over 14 years in a company where I have had excellent reviews and am respected around the company for the work I do.

I started looking online for attorneys.  Many law firms seem to be concerned with the corporate entity only. Well I surely knew that wasn’t going to help me in my case. I came across Attorney Deirdre Clegg out of Saugus, MA. She and her group of lawyers work for us, Jane and John Q. Public. She is a busy attorney but got back to us right away after my initial call and scheduled a meeting for the next week.

She is an amazing, very down-to-earth lady. She knows employment law in and out and makes you feel comfortable about the “legal lingo” that needs to be used in documents and e-mails. Which I personally was nervous about. She made me and my husband feel comfortable and confident in that not only was she interested helping us get the best result, she could and would settle this issue.

Of course you must realize that this is not a TV show and there is no resolution in an hour. As with any relationship, work or personal, continued communication is key. When she says “call me if you need anything” – call her.  She will return the call as soon as she is able. When she says “don’t worry”, don’t. She’s got it under control.  My husband and I can’t say enough about her and would certainly recommend her to anyone needing an expert in Employment Law.

J&P, July, 2013