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  • Employment Discrimination
    Massachusetts labor laws are complex, and if you do not understand the various employment laws in Massachusetts, you can become a victim of a wrongful…
  • Small Business Representation
    Our firm offers complete legal services for business owners including business formation and filings, drafting contracts, negotiating leases and drafting employment policies and employee handbooks.…
  • Estate Planning
    Planning for the death is never something that anyone looks forward to, but it is something that you need to do in order to protect…
  • Bankruptcy
    In these tough economic times, has your debt spun out of control?  Is your mortgage company threatening to foreclose on your property? Even if you…

Helping victims of employment discrimination and sexual harassment for over a decade

The Law Office of Goldstein and Clegg, LLC, located in Burlington, Massachusetts is a full service law firm made up of caring and helpful lawyers assisting people who have been subject to wrongful termination at work, or subject to sexual harassment through their employment and help in obtaining unemployment benefits.  Our lawyers believe in protecting your money as well as stopping creditors from calling through chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases.


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Can I be forced to work weekends
an employer can require you to work during any time that meets their actual business objective unless you make a reasonable accommodation request...


Wrongful Termination
An employee can not be fired due to discrimination or violations of public policy.


Did my boss have a right to fire me?
discussion whether a employer in Massachusetts has the right to fire an employee or whether the action may be considered an illegal termination.


Can getting arrested stop me from getting a job?
Arrests or prosecution for criminal charges that don't lead to a conviction are not factors an employer can use against an applicant.


Can I be fired for having my wages garnished?
It is unlawful in Massachusetts to terminate an employee due to a wage garnishment.

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