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What Is Front Pay Damages?

When a person is wrongfully terminated he or she fears the loss of income when accepting a new position earning less compensation than previously earned.   When this happens, the employee suffers damages in the form of not only lost wages from the time he or she was terminated or forced to resign, but also damages…
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Wrongful termination in Massachusetts

If you work for a company in Massachusetts and you do not have a contract for a specified period of time at a particular wage rate, then you are considered an employee at will. What does this mean? Well, it is quite simple, your employer can fire you for any reason or no reason at…
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You can’t be fired due to a wage garnishment in Massachusetts

Employees often fear that their personal lives, especially their financial affairs and any public records can come back to haunt them at work. As an example, many people in society today have lived or continue to live on the use of credit and loans. As a result, if something happens financially to the family, such…
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