Warn Act Requires Notice of Lay OffsLosing a job due to no fault of your own is traumatic enough. The financial concern is great, and even if you are laid off and can collect some small portion of unemployment benefits, your family can suffer a serious financial hardship. How many people could have been in a better situation if they had 2 months before they lost their job to prepare and seek a new job?

Well, many employees actually have a legal right to get 2 months notice. There is a little known Federal and Massachusetts law called the WARN Act that requires any employer who is going to either shut their doors or lay-off more than 50 employees at one time to provide notice to the employees at least 60 days before the layoff in order to provide time to adjust and seek subsequent employment. If the employer fails to provide the 60 day notice, then they are liable to the employees to pay 2 months of salary, and the value of any benefits including health insurance.

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